The Australian Cotton Industry is an industry focused on sustainability and continuous improvement and this extends to the working lives of people within the industry. As mega-trends such as digital transformation and climate change impact the way we work, it is vital that people plan and take action to adapt for the future of work. Unlocking this potential in individuals and in businesses requires a SHIFT in mindset, behaviours, and culture.
SHIFT is a workforce development framework that is from the cotton industry, for the cotton industry and is centred on the mechanisms by which we achieve the positive workforce outcomes we’re striving for: high performance, engagement, and satisfaction, all which lead to better production outcomes.
“If we consider attraction and retention as the way we know we have a ‘winning’ employer of choice status, ensuring we have the skills, structures and are taking actions focused on effectively addressing each of the pillars of SHIFT is how we master our game” – Nicole McDonald
SHIFT is part of the CRDC supported research project Delivering Best Practice for Management of Future Skills.